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Custodian Service
Type of customers
Provident Funds
Private Funds
Institutional clients
Individual clients
Highlight of services
Obtaining license a custodian from The
Securities and Exchange Commission.
Efficient operating system with modern technology.
Quickly accessible and downloadable reports provided on TISCO Bank website.
Scope of services
Safeguarding the clients’ assets separately from
the Bank assets.
Deliver and receive the assets upon trading
Monitor various benefits and interest of funds.
Prepare and deliver asset deposition reports to
customers via TISCO e - custodian website with security system.
Confirm the accuracy of net asset value of funds in accordance with the regulations of the SEC.
Semi - annul vault count.
For more information, please contact Custodian Service Tel : 0 2633 6184 Fax : 0 2633 6190 E-mail : custodain_tisco@tisco.co.th
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